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Public Photo Gallery
Merrimack was established with 2 purposes:

-  Establish an actual "public access" photo gallery to allow other people from the public to post pictures of their activity.

-   Create email accounts for people with the "" address (for instance

A third goal is to create a place for users to manage their own web sites without knowledge of HTML or FTP, but we're not there yet!

For now...we've just finished installation of the new Merrimack NH Photo Gallery. It currently has copies of albums already available on Merrimack Online, but I'm hopeful it will soon have albums from other shutterbugs.

We can't provide these new services for free, unfortunately, but we'll do it pretty cheap! Any you'll still get a month to try the services before you buy. A photo album account will cost $9.95/year. An email account (with web-based email capability to allow you to pickup email from any internet connection, and spam control) will only cost $5.95/year. To get a photo album account, visit the Gallery and register. An email will be sent to you with further instructions.

To get an email account, send email to

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